About Us

Little Works was established in 1999

Our goal at Little Works is to lead the industry by consistently providing clients with all their occasion stationary needs through exceptional service and quality, with a touch of class.



Having worked in many different aspects of the business world and the printing industry, Michele’s  experience provided  excellent  grounding to develop  Little Works into her dream business and towards the flourishing and thriving company that it is today. Michele  has always had a passion for beautiful stationery. She is now very privileged to do what she loves all day! Michele is the person  you will meet with to discuss your ideas, bringing the company’s vision to life through adding that extra touch of class to your special occasion.

Ian Basset


Ian arrives with years of corporate business experience and is the  back-office guru as administrator, technologist, print mechanic, website maintainer, marketing strategist as well as product development, but most importantly one of his great passions – business development. He is also the brilliant laser cutter at Little Works. Ian’s great love is family time spent with his wife Michele and two daughters exploring the great outdoors.