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A Wedding Invitation Secret…

Wedding season has arrived! Yippy!

Let me paint that picture for you….

Blue skies on a perfect warm summer day, the scent of freshly cut wedding flowers, Chapels and Churches filled with rays of sun beams, guests arriving all dressed in their best, excitedly ready to admire and celebrate the magnificent day and the exchanging of “I DO’S”

Having said that, I thought I would let you in on a secret…


Your invitation will set the stage of just how gorgeous your day is going to be for all your guests and most importantly it’s the start to YOUR special day coming to life.

Oh, the joys of stroking an invite with embossing, holding a textured paper to the light, admiring glossy foiled lettering or breaking a wax seal to discover the contents of a special invitation, an invitation that will be a keepsake to all who receive it.

To get your mind popping with creative ideas, here are some very popular invitation designs that have hit this year’s summer stationery trends.

All-In-One Concertina Invites

A Wedding Invitation Secret...


Envelope Liners

A Wedding Invitation Secret...

Foiled Stationery

A Wedding Invitation Secret...



Wedding Invitation Secret...


A Wedding Invitation Secret...

This season is going to be beautiful and we can’t wait to create and bring your wedding stationery to life!

Little Works Is Going To SARCDA 2019

Little Works is very excited to be at SARCDA this year to showcase our new greeting cards.

The team have also been busy with new designs that are being released in our traditional ranges.

Our stand is in Hall 3 Stand FoD133.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you our gorgeous new cards.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

This team is incredible in so many ways!! Let’s start off with the Michele, the lady that sets the scene for success…

The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Michele Basset, owner of Little Works. Michele has the most awesome personality to work with. Her smile and cheerful morning greetings start the day off for the entire team.

They say laughter is like medicine… it certainly is when Michele is around! She brings such an incredible vibe to our working day.

Michele has an outstanding eye and attention to detail when it comes to Little Works and the designs she provides to our clients.

Let’s not forget Michele is always spoiling the team with cakes and treats for tea time…. There is NOTHING like a slice of cake to keep the inspiration going.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Ian Basset is the wonderful husband to Michele, the one and only Brave Male in the Little Works team. He, together with Michele are the brains behind the smooth sale running of Little Works and the systems it needs to make it the success it is to date.

Ian has a great way with people, professional, friendly, humble and always goes the extra mile for our clients. His drive to help this team grow and better Little Works everyday is very much valued by us all!

A story told by Ian is almost always left leaving us with a good chuckle. A sense of humour all the way!


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Alisa is the head of production and keeps things running smoothly. She is also a volunteer fire fighter for (VWS) Volunteer Wild Life Services. We are so proud of her for giving her time to help in what could be an unthinkable situation for most, that being the devastation of fire. Her dedication in all that she does is truly admirable! That kind of dedication shows in her work.

Alisa most definitely contributes to the daily laughter. Her sense of humour and energy keeps the laughing process ongoing, especially with her contagious giggle.

Our Studio Radio is always on Smile radio. Alisa loves to sing along to most songs being played. Occasionally her own version of lyrics makes its way out… That song remains etched in our memory as a reminder of her whenever we hear it.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Sindy is behind all things handmade! Her hands are like feathers that make everything she touches turn to pieces of perfection! When its time for bows, bows and more bows we call on the queen of bows and that’s Sindy.

Sindy has a lovely gentile nature with a natural talent for making our handmade products. She works with the utmost concentration to ensure every detail is perfect.

Lunch time for Sindy often sends our tummies into a grumble of hunger, the smells that waft from the microwave are an indicator she is a good cook too.

Did I mention she makes a MEAN cup of coffee…. It truly is a great cuppa. Some people just can’t make a cup of coffee (My head hanging in shame), Sindy is one of those that is a master at it.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team


Deanne, That’s me. I am the newest member of this dynamic team. I am here to keep you up to date and inform you on all things Little Works, as well as assist any clients, new and old.

Can you say, “I love my job!” well I certainly can! To sum up this team in one word, that word is passionate!! We are all passionate about our products, clients and making Little Works the best it can be.

Now that you know a little more about this team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would gladly love to assist you.

Did anyone say CAKE!!!!!! Right I am off to join this awesome team for a slice of cake!

Competition News

Are you newly engaged?

Little Works creates awesome wedding stationery for your special day?

Pop on over to our Instagram page to enter this fantastic giveaway of R5000 worth of wedding stationery.

Its as easy as 3 simple steps.

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The prize is valid till 31st of January 2020

All courier and postage costs are to be paid by the winner.

Competition News


The lucky winner will be announced on Monday the 26th August 2019.

Get those fingers tagging, sharing and liking!

Good Luck!


Wedding Trends For 2019

I have been researching for you the latest trends for 2019. The list is vast and can be quite overwhelming! So, I am here to start you off on the right footing and get those ideas popping.


Let’s start with colours because if you have colours you can then start planning your dream day theme.

The colour of the year is Pantone “Living Coral,” peach and colours like Berry are set to bring these bright colours into 2019 with a bang! As well as rich deep colours like Burgundy, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire blues, these colours are going to tie in silvers and chromes as well as rust (rust is the new metallic), brass and gold.

Wedding Trends For 2019


Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019




Bringing Nature In…..

Rustic and vintage are on the decline. Greenery and foliage are a big trend for 2019 by bringing the outdoors in. This trend is being incorporated with flowers that brides are flocking to like Dahlias and Ranunculas. These flowers have a wide colour variety and intricate layers, adding a beautiful texture.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Stationery of course…..

There are quite a few trends hitting the stationery for this year!

Garlands and Wreaths, this design is also being accompanied by geometric designs that incorporate floral and greenery.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Then there is a trend of the intricate laser cut stationery, with belly bands and textured print.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Envelope liners are a big 2019 trend by adding that special touch to invitations.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Mixed metals have also made its way into 2019 with foiled prints as well as customized monograms.

Wedding Trends For 2019


A quick touch on other aspects with regards to wedding trends for 2019.

There are going to be more weddings on the rise that are eco-conscious ceremonies, brides and grooms are aiming for a no plastic wedding throughout their day. Then comes the most important element to the bride and that’s the dress! Sleeves are a big hit this year, boat-neck-meets-off-the-shoulder silhouette are also trending after the dress Meghan Markle wore for her wedding.

When it comes to food there is always the hit of the more traditional sit-down dinners, but brides are now leaning towards table grazing buffet style, allowing guests to pick from the more customized food choices of the bride and groom.

Unplugged ceremonies will continue to increase in popularity. Expect more signs to pop up, encouraging guests to put away their cell phones and enjoy the moment. This, of course, won’t be the case with the reception, where guests will be eagerly sharing the experience in real time on their phones.

This year’s trends really are a WOW factor for all those planning their special day, with SO much to set the stage for an incredibly special day.

Drop us a mail should you require our services, we would gladly love to help you with all your stationery needs. eMail us at

Happy Planning!!!


Greeting Card Expo: Progressive Greeting Live 2013, London

Exciting times for Little Works!

We have arrived in London and are exhibiting at the Progressive Greetings Live 2013. This is an International Greeting Card trade show where there are exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. We are very excited about the new possibilities for Little Works greeting cards!

greeting-card-expo-london   Sunday saw us going to the Business Design Centre in Islington to get Phase 1 of our setup started. We were greeted by the organiser of the Show, Simon, and he and his team were just phenomenal – he has been in constant contact with Ian to get our stand arranged. We were then greeted by Peter and his Team of very merry men that saw to the setup of the stand.READ MORE

Invitation Wording

wedding-invitationThis was sent to me a couple of days ago and I had a good chuckle and of course forwarded it to a couple of my brides that I know would enjoy this kind of humour! The response was hilarious!

Just imagine receiving an invitation like this one. What would your reaction be if you were invited to attend a wedding of such a match made in heaven? I personally would have a good laugh (ten out of ten for imagination) and then sit back and think of the implications of such a marriage. If the bride and groom are strong enough to be able to withstand such a meddling and derogatory mother/mother-in-law then they are stronger than me.READ MORE

Little Works featured in Confetti Daydream

Well this is the first of many blog to whet your appetite!

We were recently privileged to be featured in Confetti Daydream’s Blog of Lucy and Peter’s Wedding. Their wedding was a Romantic Vintage style wedding. Lucy really pulled out all the stops to make her day very special with so many personal touches, from making her own bouquet to making the men’s corsages, she even hand painted/sketched each guests favour, which was beautifully