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Little Works featured weddings: Paula & Michael

Little Works is fortunate to work with lots of wonderful couples who are planning their wedding. To show our appreciation for them we have started a Little Works ‘featured wedding’ series where we interview couples about their big day.

First up, we chat to Paula about her and Michael’s lovely day. Little Works provided their wedding stationery.


How did you and your husband meet?

I met him 20 years ago when we were both ambitious 20 somethings looking for our big break in the IT Industry, our lives were on different paths then – we bumped into each other a few years ago and both of our lives had changed direction, we both happened to be following the same path.

How did he propose?

Totally unexpectedly, underneath what must be the world’s most miraculous stairwell, in a charming hotel in Strasbourg, Northern France.

How long did it take you to plan your wedding?

11 Months

What was your theme and why?


We had all our guests wear shades of Pastel. We were married under an arch on the Boulders at Bakoven Beach in front of our Home, as an artist myself, I just know how beautifully the soft shades of colour all blend together to form a romantic & whimsical setting. My dress was white lace over a soft nude lining which blended into my tan so all that was visible was the intricate lace detail covering my body and trailing down to the floor. My flowergirls and bridesmaid wore layers of soft tule in shades of nude which picked up the nude of my dress and our flowers comprised of Ivory roses, apart from my bouquet which featured a few nude/vintage dusty roses that were also placed in my hair.

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Your favourite moment of the day?

My husbands face when he saw my 12 year old daughter walking before me, singing our wedding song “I’ve loved you for 1000 years” by Christina Perri (People are still talking about that moment … it blew everyone away, nothing prepared any of us for that moment).


Any advice for future brides and grooms?

Get someone reputable to make your dress. I visited many bridal coutures and none of them seemed like the one… I ended up settling for Thomas Couture (Thomas Henning – went under the name TOMCAT), he took the R6000 deposit and vanished to JHB and left me without a dress 2 months before the wedding. I was lucky enough to be travelling to the USA and managed to get my dress in New York shipped to Texas where I was staying. I brought it home and had Eves Bridal in Cavendish work her magic to get it precisely how I wanted it in 2 weeks. All you will have left is memories.. and photographs.. The photographer is key, get someone who will represent YOUR style. I booked Angie Whittle before I set the wedding date, she just knows how to capture the perfect beach shot and has an incredible understanding of how to work with light.


How did you choose your wedding suppliers?

I put my mood board together, snapping ideas from Pinterest and the Internet and scanning wedding supplier web site galleries. I knew exactly what I wanted from the food and décor to the Flower arrangements – I left nothing a surprise. I ended up having 6 different suppliers as there simply was not one supplier that catered for everything on my mood board. But each one was very professional and delivered to perfection.


What would you do differently, if anything?

Get your dress ready 2 months before… just in case. You can always alter it 1 week before to ensure the perfect fit. During the hair trial.. try… and try again until perfect, only then book it.

Check out their wedding video:



Choosing Your Wedding Stationery

For today’s Wedding post, I would like to share some tips for choosing your wedding stationery. From showing your personal style with your invites, choosing the best colours for you and your day and how many invites you actually need to order.

Defining Your Style

When you order your invitations and send them out to your guests, this will be your guests first interaction with your wedding style and they will probably use this to see what kind of day your wedding will be. Everything about your invitation, from the wording, to the shape and style of your design will give them hints as to how formal your day might be, or what to expect when it comes to your venue or decorations.

Before you start looking for and planning what wedding stationery you will want to use for your day, you should think about the kind of feel you want your day to have. A simple word is best to start with, so do you want your wedding to be a classic and elegant affair, glam and modern, or relaxed and rustic? Once you know what feel you want your day to have, you can develop your theme by researching more about the word you’ve chosen and start to look through stationery designers websites collecting inspiration as you go. Then you can just give all this info to your stationer so they can get an idea of what you’d like to have designed just for you.

Wedding Colours

When you’re thinking about your wedding and the kind of feel you want your day to have, you’ll also need to start thinking about the colours you want to use. You might want to incorporate your specific colours and a customised monogram into your wedding invitations? Then you can carry these pieces through to the rest of your wedding stationery (like the RSVPS, menu cards and order of service programs) to give everything a more cohesive look – or as some people would say, to create your ‘wedding brand’

While choosing what colours to use, look at actual wedding photos and features, so when one wedding appeals to you because of its colours, try to see why that is. If the images are full of ivory, cream or white, paired with a black and gold elements, this would give your day more of a classic feel and would make it seem quite formal. On the other hand if the wedding that inspired you used lots of bright colours, metallics and other fun stuff like fancy envelope liners, coloured confetti or huge colourful balloons – this would give your day a completely different feel.


Triple Check The Proofs

Once you’ve decided on what stationery you’d like, in what style, and you’ve chosen your wedding colours, it’s time to focus on the wording. Before your stationery order is printed, your stationery designer will send you a sample of your stationery as either a finished printed/cut piece in the post or as a digital copy by email. All you need to do then is really check the details and that everything is worded correctly, spaced correctly and most importantly – that all the details are there – like people’s names, times and the right address for your venue. It’s a good idea to get a few people to read over the wording so nothing gets missed as you might have read it so many times that you just skim over it and miss obvious mistakes, where someone else might see them straight away. It’s a small step in ordering your stationery, but it’s an important one, so just remember to check, check and check the proof again before you okay it with your designer, as mistakes can sometimes be expensive.

Count Households not People

When you order your invitations – remember to order a few extras (along with a few extra RSVPS) just in case you make any mistakes when addressing them, or for any unexpected guests – but remember, not every guest needs their own individual invite. When working out your guest list, you will need to figure out how many households will need invitations before you give your stationery designer a number and not the number of individual people being invited.

This might be able to significantly lower your order amount as couples get one invitation (which will also be for their children if you’re having children at your wedding and them) For couples living apart, you can either send one invite to the guest you’re closer to (and include both names), or just send out separate invitations if it could get complicated and this would be easier. When inviting families, they will only need one invitation addressed to their family name.n Any exceptions? Well, when it comes to older children who don’t live at home (like students) or anyone over 18 who still lives at home should get their own invitation.

If you’re interested in getting bespoke lasercut invitations, Save the Dates, or RSVPS, why not get in touch to discuss your ideas!

Michele x

Meet Wedding & Event specialist Nicola Jane

Image 1_Nicola Jane Wedding & Event Specialist

We are lucky to work with a lot of wonderful people in our business – paper suppliers, lovely retailers, photographers and of course wedding planners. We thought we would start introducing some of our trusted colleagues on our blog so that our customers will know who they can call upon in the industry.

We are starting with the lovely Nicola Jane who is a wedding and event specialist. She was kind enough to answer our questions and give some great tips for any brides and grooms out there.


How did you get into weddings?

I always enjoyed events, particularly hosting them. Throughout my studies I was involved in event planning, whether it was a friend’s birthday celebration or a freelance event. I studied a Btech degree in Hospitality Management and it was during my in service training at The Mount Nelson Hotel, whilst working in the banqueting department that I realised events, but particularly wedding planning, is what I thoroughly enjoyed. This is when I decided to study wedding planning and pursue my career as a wedding planner.

JANI6851 JANI6918

One of your favourite weddings and why? 

All the weddings I co-ordinate are special and memorable in one way or another. One in particular was a Gabonese couple that had a destination wedding in Cape Town. Their guests were from different counties around the world. We had a number of African inspired elements in their wedding, but the music and entertainment is what was great. The ceremony had a classical string duo, during pre-drinks and canapés a Jazz band entertained the guests. For the entrance of the Bride and Groom to the wedding reception an African Marimba band created a great ambiance and certainly made it known that the couple was entering. The Jazz band set the mood during the reception whilst the DJ ensured the dance floor was full later in the evening. To finish off the evening, we had fire dancers performing it the rain – it was absolutely magical.


JANI8041 JANI8755

Beach or winefarm wedding?

Oh gosh this is such a tough question. Both options have such beauty and in the Western Cape we are spoilt with an abundance of venues. Both settings are beautiful and this is always dependent on the couple and their style or preference. For a couple who would like a more relaxed ambiance and don’t mind their feet in the sand, a beach wedding with a summer sunset is certainly one to remember. However with Cape Town and the Cape Doctor one does always need to have a good back up plan or venue. There are many wine farms and certainly plenty to meet all different styles and themes, from rustic to elegant.

How far in advance should you really start planning?

12 months is a good time frame to work with, it allows for plenty of time for the planning. I have however planned a wedding in 2 months and it was just as amazing!

How important is stationery for the occasion?

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day look is the wedding stationery. There are endless options with stationery and it is one element the couple can completely tailor. From using their favourite quotes to selecting the perfect font. Often the stationery completes the wedding look and one can be very innovative and out of the box with stationery.

JANI6866 JANI6868

If a bride/groom had to remember/do just one thing when it comes to planning a wedding, what would it be? 

I always like to remind the couple that the day is about themselves celebrating with their nearest and dearest. They should think about what they want, what is important to them and they are guaranteed to have a wonderful celebration.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The best part is the wedding day itself. This is when all the planning comes together and the ideas and moodboards that we developed together with the couple transform the venue into a spectacular space. Naturally it is quite high intensity day, but that is why I am there – to take all the pressure off of the couple and let them enjoy their special moment. It is a joyful celebration for the couple, their families and their close friends. The atmosphere is tangible and you can feel the love and happiness among the couple and all their guests. It really does make your heart go all warm and fuzzy.

Get in touch with Nicola for your upcoming event:

A Camelot inspired wedding

We recently took part in a styled wedding shoot that took inspiration from the time of Camelot. The shoot was done by Josie photography and featured in SouthBound Bride.

We loved the theme and so enjoyed creating the stationery to go with it. Here is a closer look at what we did. What do you think?

CamelotInspired3CamelotInspired25 CamelotInspired23CamelotInspired28 CamelotInspired42 CamelotInspired27CamelotInspired26


Pre-event Expectations


The invitation is the first item in a series that defines your style, theme and uniqueness.
It gives your guests a tiny but delicious sample of what to expect which they won’t be able to help showing their family and friends.

It is this pre-event expectation that the team at Little Works are passionate about helping you create. The biggest talking point of an occasion is the implementation, and we have the ideas and skill to help you carry a theme from save the date cards right through to the thank you cards.READ MORE

Embossing and Debossing


A good example of embossed stationery

Our customers often come to us and ask us for embossing and/or debossing on their stationery because somewhere they have heard the term being used by a friend or business associate.

Firstly we need to define the difference between these two processes as there is often some confusion. To explain the different you need to look at a card that has embossing and debossing, for example, an embossed image would stand out of the substrate and a debossed image would be pressed into the substrate.READ MORE

An Order of Service…some considerations

The Bride Addict on “You & Your Wedding” wrote …

I am having an order of service, I asked the question to my nearest and dearest and they said although no hymns, there are readings and they would all like to take it away with them as a reminder of the day. xxx

For some reason the Order of Service can cause a bride (and groom) the greatest headache … probably because it includes so many people and so many things that MUST be done on that special day and of course, not to forget it is the most important part of the Wedding – after all you are getting married.  To ease the stress a little, I have put together a list of items that can be included, the essential and the optional.

Sample selection of some Order of Service Stationery

Sample selection of some Order of Service Stationery

Let us start by defining what an Order of Service is and what its purpose is.  An Order of Service is a step-by-step account of what your guests can expect throughout the ceremony, whether it is a civil service or a religious ceremony.  Giving an order of service to your guests as they arrive will ensure everyone knows what to expect.READ MORE