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Pre-event Expectations


The invitation is the first item in a series that defines your style, theme and uniqueness.
It gives your guests a tiny but delicious sample of what to expect which they won’t be able to help showing their family and friends.

It is this pre-event expectation that the team at Little Works are passionate about helping you create. The biggest talking point of an occasion is the implementation, and we have the ideas and skill to help you carry a theme from save the date cards right through to the thank you cards.READ MORE

Embossing and Debossing


A good example of embossed stationery

Our customers often come to us and ask us for embossing and/or debossing on their stationery because somewhere they have heard the term being used by a friend or business associate.

Firstly we need to define the difference between these two processes as there is often some confusion. To explain the different you need to look at a card that has embossing and debossing, for example, an embossed image would stand out of the substrate and a debossed image would be pressed into the substrate.READ MORE

An Order of Service…some considerations

The Bride Addict on “You & Your Wedding” wrote …

I am having an order of service, I asked the question to my nearest and dearest and they said although no hymns, there are readings and they would all like to take it away with them as a reminder of the day. xxx

For some reason the Order of Service can cause a bride (and groom) the greatest headache … probably because it includes so many people and so many things that MUST be done on that special day and of course, not to forget it is the most important part of the Wedding – after all you are getting married.  To ease the stress a little, I have put together a list of items that can be included, the essential and the optional.

Sample selection of some Order of Service Stationery

Sample selection of some Order of Service Stationery

Let us start by defining what an Order of Service is and what its purpose is.  An Order of Service is a step-by-step account of what your guests can expect throughout the ceremony, whether it is a civil service or a religious ceremony.  Giving an order of service to your guests as they arrive will ensure everyone knows what to expect.READ MORE

Greeting Card Expo: Progressive Greeting Live 2013, London

Exciting times for Little Works!

We have arrived in London and are exhibiting at the Progressive Greetings Live 2013. This is an International Greeting Card trade show where there are exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. We are very excited about the new possibilities for Little Works greeting cards!

greeting-card-expo-london   Sunday saw us going to the Business Design Centre in Islington to get Phase 1 of our setup started. We were greeted by the organiser of the Show, Simon, and he and his team were just phenomenal – he has been in constant contact with Ian to get our stand arranged. We were then greeted by Peter and his Team of very merry men that saw to the setup of the stand.READ MORE

Invitation Wording

wedding-invitationThis was sent to me a couple of days ago and I had a good chuckle and of course forwarded it to a couple of my brides that I know would enjoy this kind of humour! The response was hilarious!

Just imagine receiving an invitation like this one. What would your reaction be if you were invited to attend a wedding of such a match made in heaven? I personally would have a good laugh (ten out of ten for imagination) and then sit back and think of the implications of such a marriage. If the bride and groom are strong enough to be able to withstand such a meddling and derogatory mother/mother-in-law then they are stronger than me.READ MORE

Little Works featured in Confetti Daydream

Well this is the first of many blog to whet your appetite!

We were recently privileged to be featured in Confetti Daydream’s Blog of Lucy and Peter’s Wedding. Their wedding was a Romantic Vintage style wedding. Lucy really pulled out all the stops to make her day very special with so many personal touches, from making her own bouquet to making the men’s corsages, she even hand painted/sketched each guests favour, which was beautifully