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Customise Christmas Cards For Your Business

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Ever thought of going that extra mile to interact with your customer by sending them a hand written Christmas Card? Show your customer that you do care by sending then Christmas wishes the old fashioned way.

Let Little Works customise a Christmas Greeting card for your business or your personal family Christmas Card. We can add logos, fit inserts, add embossing, laser cut, to name a few to add to your card.

We have many designs that you can choose from, or we can create your own unique Christmas Card.

All come with a matching envelope, these too can be personalised for you.

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Creating a Little Works Greeting Card

We decided to document the steps that it takes to create one of our handmade greeting cards to give you an idea of how much goes into making our stationery. In this case, we chose to show you the process of creating one of our most popular cards from the Z range: the Butterfly.


Step 1: Print


Step 2: Cut


Step 3: Cut some more


Step 4: Punch


Step 5: Add the sticky bits


Step 6: Fold


Step 7: Emboss (yes, it’s all by hand!)


Step 8: Add the shiny bits


Step 9: Add the sparkly bits


Step 10: Get them all in a row


Step 11: Get out the glue gun


Step 12: Put it all together


Step 13: Voila! Nearly there!


Step 14: Package it


Step 15: Send it out to the world!



Greeting Card Expo: Progressive Greeting Live 2013, London

Exciting times for Little Works!

We have arrived in London and are exhibiting at the Progressive Greetings Live 2013. This is an International Greeting Card trade show where there are exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. We are very excited about the new possibilities for Little Works greeting cards!

greeting-card-expo-london   Sunday saw us going to the Business Design Centre in Islington to get Phase 1 of our setup started. We were greeted by the organiser of the Show, Simon, and he and his team were just phenomenal – he has been in constant contact with Ian to get our stand arranged. We were then greeted by Peter and his Team of very merry men that saw to the setup of the stand.READ MORE