Greeting Card Expo: Progressive Greeting Live 2013, London

Greeting Card Expo: Progressive Greeting Live 2013, London

Exciting times for Little Works!

We have arrived in London and are exhibiting at the Progressive Greetings Live 2013. This is an International Greeting Card trade show where there are exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. We are very excited about the new possibilities for Little Works greeting cards!

greeting-card-expo-london    Sunday saw us going to the Business Design Centre in Islington to get Phase 1 of our setup started. We were greeted by the organiser of the Show, Simon, and he and his team were just phenomenal – he has been in constant contact with Ian to get our stand arranged. We were then greeted by Peter and his Team of very merry men that saw to the setup of the stand.

By the time we got to the Business Design Centre our racks were up and they were waiting for us to get our signage up for us. We took the signage from South Africa to England as I wanted all our signage to have our signature edge embossing.

The Business Design Centre in which Progressive Greetings Live  is being held is a phenomenal piece of architecture. It has been standing for many years and was originally built as an agricultural centre in which farmers brought their livestock and fresh produce to be distributed from. Some years ago it was renovated after having stood empty for some time. The metal work is unbelievably beautiful and the roof is amazing. The Centre has permanent tenants all around the building on the inside: ceramic dealers, an arts quarter and other businesses with showrooms. Samsung has their Customer Services Centre in the building too.


On Monday Ian and I will go through to Progressive Greetings Live  to dress our stand and insert the greeting cards, wedding stationery and personal stationery which will be on display!   Getting very excited as the time draws closer and closer for the opening on Tuesday morning, 14th May 2013.

Please visit our Little Works’ Facebook page to see the photographs. We will continue to post photographs throughout the course of the Expo on Tuesday, 14th and Wednesday, 15th May. We are very excited about showing what we can produce in the greeting card business!