Invitation Wording

Invitation Wording

wedding-invitationThis was sent to me a couple of days ago and I had a good chuckle and of course forwarded it to a couple of my brides that I know would enjoy this kind of humour! The response was hilarious!

Just imagine receiving an invitation like this one. What would your reaction be if you were invited to attend a wedding of such a match made in heaven? I personally would have a good laugh (ten out of ten for imagination) and then sit back and think of the implications of such a marriage. If the bride and groom are strong enough to be able to withstand such a meddling and derogatory mother/mother-in-law then they are stronger than me.

This brings me to the issue of wording. Regularly I am faced with the request from my brides and grooms, “what wording do I use because my parents are paying?” or “we are paying for the wedding ourselves, what is the etiquette?”. My answer is always, you need to word the invitation in such a manner that it incorporates all parties that are extending the invitation and more importantly, that it fits the style of the couple.

During my consultation I always ask my clients if they require assistance with their wording, if they have not popped the question first that is. If they have not decided on their invitation wording, I provide them with a document that we have setup over the years. I have also put this document onto our website under Wording Guide. I have segmented the wording into Modern Wording, Traditional Wording, etc.

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