Let’s get to know Michele

Let’s get to know Michele

What would be do without Michele? We shudder to think about it! She’s our fearless leader and passionately into all things design and stationery. We asked her a couple of  questions.


1. What do you enjoy most about Little Works / your job?

I love my Team, they are one hell of a wonderful bunch!

2. What makes a greeting card great?

The love that has gone into making it!

3. Your favourite part of the day?

I love coming into the office early when I am on my own to gather my thoughts and then when the Team comes in and there a quick morning update on the happenings of the previous day/night.

4. Coffee or tea?

Ooooh difficult — hot water for me please?

5. What inspires your creations?

I get inspired by the people around me, my surroundings, the world wide web of information, creativity and design.

6. The highest number of invitations/greetings/etc you have folded in a day?

A couple of hundred

7. Most used app on your mobile?

WhatsApp – how vintage I know!

8. Favourite song at the moment?

I have two …
Adam Lambert — Another Lonely Night
One Direction — Drag me Down
Never thought I would ever have a 1D favourite!