Meet Wedding & Event specialist Nicola Jane

Meet Wedding & Event specialist Nicola Jane

Image 1_Nicola Jane Wedding & Event Specialist

We are lucky to work with a lot of wonderful people in our business – paper suppliers, lovely retailers, photographers and of course wedding planners. We thought we would start introducing some of our trusted colleagues on our blog so that our customers will know who they can call upon in the industry.

We are starting with the lovely Nicola Jane who is a wedding and event specialist. She was kind enough to answer our questions and give some great tips for any brides and grooms out there.


How did you get into weddings?

I always enjoyed events, particularly hosting them. Throughout my studies I was involved in event planning, whether it was a friend’s birthday celebration or a freelance event. I studied a Btech degree in Hospitality Management and it was during my in service training at The Mount Nelson Hotel, whilst working in the banqueting department that I realised events, but particularly wedding planning, is what I thoroughly enjoyed. This is when I decided to study wedding planning and pursue my career as a wedding planner.

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One of your favourite weddings and why?  

All the weddings I co-ordinate are special and memorable in one way or another. One in particular was a Gabonese couple that had a destination wedding in Cape Town. Their guests were from different counties around the world. We had a number of African inspired elements in their wedding, but the music and entertainment is what was great. The ceremony had a classical string duo, during pre-drinks and canapés a Jazz band entertained the guests. For the entrance of the Bride and Groom to the wedding reception an African Marimba band created a great ambiance and certainly made it known that the couple was entering. The Jazz band set the mood during the reception whilst the DJ ensured the dance floor was full later in the evening. To finish off the evening, we had fire dancers performing it the rain — it was absolutely magical.


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Beach or winefarm wedding?

Oh gosh this is such a tough question. Both options have such beauty and in the Western Cape we are spoilt with an abundance of venues. Both settings are beautiful and this is always dependent on the couple and their style or preference. For a couple who would like a more relaxed ambiance and don’t mind their feet in the sand, a beach wedding with a summer sunset is certainly one to remember. However with Cape Town and the Cape Doctor one does always need to have a good back up plan or venue. There are many wine farms and certainly plenty to meet all different styles and themes, from rustic to elegant.

How far in advance should you really start planning?

12 months is a good time frame to work with, it allows for plenty of time for the planning. I have however planned a wedding in 2 months and it was just as amazing!

How important is stationery for the occasion?

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day look is the wedding stationery. There are endless options with stationery and it is one element the couple can completely tailor. From using their favourite quotes to selecting the perfect font. Often the stationery completes the wedding look and one can be very innovative and out of the box with stationery.

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If a bride/groom had to remember/do just one thing when it comes to planning a wedding, what would it be?  

I always like to remind the couple that the day is about themselves celebrating with their nearest and dearest. They should think about what they want, what is important to them and they are guaranteed to have a wonderful celebration.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The best part is the wedding day itself. This is when all the planning comes together and the ideas and moodboards that we developed together with the couple transform the venue into a spectacular space. Naturally it is quite high intensity day, but that is why I am there – to take all the pressure off of the couple and let them enjoy their special moment. It is a joyful celebration for the couple, their families and their close friends. The atmosphere is tangible and you can feel the love and happiness among the couple and all their guests. It really does make your heart go all warm and fuzzy.

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