The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

This team is incredible in so many ways!! Let’s start off with the Michele, the lady that sets the scene for success…

The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Michele Basset, owner of Little Works. Michele has the most awesome personality to work with. Her smile and cheerful morning greetings start the day off for the entire team.

They say laughter is like medicine… it certainly is when Michele is around! She brings such an incredible vibe to our working day.

Michele has an outstanding eye and attention to detail when it comes to Little Works and the designs she provides to our clients.

Let’s not forget Michele is always spoiling the team with cakes and treats for tea time…. There is NOTHING like a slice of cake to keep the inspiration going.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Ian Basset is the wonderful husband to Michele, the one and only Brave Male in the Little Works team. He, together with Michele are the brains behind the smooth sale running of Little Works and the systems it needs to make it the success it is to date.

Ian has a great way with people, professional, friendly, humble and always goes the extra mile for our clients. His drive to help this team grow and better Little Works everyday is very much valued by us all!

A story told by Ian is almost always left leaving us with a good chuckle. A sense of humour all the way!


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Alisa is the head of production and keeps things running smoothly. She is also a volunteer fire fighter for (VWS) Volunteer Wild Life Services. We are so proud of her for giving her time to help in what could be an unthinkable situation for most, that being the devastation of fire. Her dedication in all that she does is truly admirable! That kind of dedication shows in her work.

Alisa most definitely contributes to the daily laughter. Her sense of humour and energy keeps the laughing process ongoing, especially with her contagious giggle.

Our Studio Radio is always on Smile radio. Alisa loves to sing along to most songs being played. Occasionally her own version of lyrics makes its way out… That song remains etched in our memory as a reminder of her whenever we hear it.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team

Sindy is behind all things handmade! Her hands are like feathers that make everything she touches turn to pieces of perfection! When its time for bows, bows and more bows we call on the queen of bows and that’s Sindy.

Sindy has a lovely gentile nature with a natural talent for making our handmade products. She works with the utmost concentration to ensure every detail is perfect.

Lunch time for Sindy often sends our tummies into a grumble of hunger, the smells that waft from the microwave are an indicator she is a good cook too.

Did I mention she makes a MEAN cup of coffee…. It truly is a great cuppa. Some people just can’t make a cup of coffee (My head hanging in shame), Sindy is one of those that is a master at it.


The Magic Behind The Little Works Team


Deanne, That’s me. I am the newest member of this dynamic team. I am here to keep you up to date and inform you on all things Little Works, as well as assist any clients, new and old.

Can you say, “I love my job!” well I certainly can! To sum up this team in one word, that word is passionate!! We are all passionate about our products, clients and making Little Works the best it can be.

Now that you know a little more about this team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would gladly love to assist you.

Did anyone say CAKE!!!!!! Right I am off to join this awesome team for a slice of cake!