Wedding Trends For 2019

Wedding Trends For 2019

I have been researching for you the latest trends for 2019. The list is vast and can be quite overwhelming! So, I am here to start you off on the right footing and get those ideas popping.


Let’s start with colours because if you have colours you can then start planning your dream day theme.

The colour of the year is Pantone “Living Coral,” peach and colours like Berry are set to bring these bright colours into 2019 with a bang! As well as rich deep colours like Burgundy, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire blues, these colours are going to tie in silvers and chromes as well as rust (rust is the new metallic), brass and gold.

Wedding Trends For 2019


Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019




Bringing Nature In…..

Rustic and vintage are on the decline. Greenery and foliage are a big trend for 2019 by bringing the outdoors in. This trend is being incorporated with flowers that brides are flocking to like Dahlias and Ranunculas. These flowers have a wide colour variety and intricate layers, adding a beautiful texture.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Stationery of course…..

There are quite a few trends hitting the stationery for this year!

Garlands and Wreaths, this design is also being accompanied by geometric designs that incorporate floral and greenery.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Then there is a trend of the intricate laser cut stationery, with belly bands and textured print.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Envelope liners are a big 2019 trend by adding that special touch to invitations.

Wedding Trends For 2019 Wedding Trends For 2019


Mixed metals have also made its way into 2019 with foiled prints as well as customized monograms.

Wedding Trends For 2019


A quick touch on other aspects with regards to wedding trends for 2019.

There are going to be more weddings on the rise that are eco-conscious ceremonies, brides and grooms are aiming for a no plastic wedding throughout their day. Then comes the most important element to the bride and that’s the dress! Sleeves are a big hit this year, boat-neck-meets-off-the-shoulder silhouette are also trending after the dress Meghan Markle wore for her wedding.

When it comes to food there is always the hit of the more traditional sit-down dinners, but brides are now leaning towards table grazing buffet style, allowing guests to pick from the more customized food choices of the bride and groom.

Unplugged ceremonies will continue to increase in popularity. Expect more signs to pop up, encouraging guests to put away their cell phones and enjoy the moment. This, of course, won’t be the case with the reception, where guests will be eagerly sharing the experience in real time on their phones.

This year’s trends really are a WOW factor for all those planning their special day, with SO much to set the stage for an incredibly special day.

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Happy Planning!!!


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