Why Winter Weddings Work

Why Winter Weddings Work

Many factors come into play when planning a wedding. One of them is the weather, with most bridal couples preferring to say “I do” during the Summer months, favouring sunshine and outdoor ceremonies to rain and dropping temperatures. It makes sense! We get it. That being said, we still love Winter weddings, and we would like to tell you why:


1. Venues are cheaper and vendors have more time (generally)

Because it’s off season, you may be able to get married at a venue that would otherwise be totally out of reach (budget-wise). Also, it’s more likely that the venue will actually be available on the date you want (even if you don’t book a year in advance!).

Similarly you’ll be able to pick and choose your vendors and they will have more time of their hands to give your wedding lots of extra attention.

2. It’s romantic

As it’s dark and cold, it’s a perfect excuse to go crazy with candles and fireplaces. Flickering warm light will set the mood perfectly, encouraging hand holding and intimate conversations.


3. It’s not (that) windy in Cape Town…

The one real downside of having an outside Summer wedding in the Cape Town is risking a visit from the Cape Doctor.

4. … and it doesn’t rain at all in Jozi!

Swop out Summer thunderstorms with the beautiful Winter  Highveld.

5. You will have an excuse to wear gloves and boots

And provide your guests with blankets and hot water bottles!




6. It’s summer on the other side of the world…

… which is perfect for your honeymoon 🙂


7. It’ll be the event of the Winter

Your wedding will be a much needed break in the monotony of the Winter Season. What’s more – your guests are more likely to be available to attend your wedding as all their other friends will be getting married in the Summer.

– Have we convinced you?!

Photo credits:  http://onefabday.com/ and  http://damorphotography.co.za/